Author - Dory Otto

Dream Kitchens and Custom Cabinetry

If ever there was a time of year when your kitchen gets a lot of use, this is it. Therefore, it may be this time of year that you realize your kitchen just isn't the space you'd like it to be.  Incorporating custom cabinetry designed specifically for you and your space can make your kitchen your DREAM kitchen! Perhaps you lack storage and organization. A space that makes entertaining feel like crowd control is needed. Maybe it is dingy and [...]

Mudrooms, The Nerve Center of the Home

It seems to us that if the kitchen is the heart of the home, the mudroom may be the nerve center. Mudrooms are the space that sets the tone for all of our comings and goings. If it is a mess our routine is a mess too. Mud rooms have a lot to do. These spaces are expected to keep jackets, footwear, purses, backpacks, sporting equipment, mail, and whatever other junk we accumulate organized. The space needs to be efficient. Wouldn't it [...]

Bathroom vanities

Bathrooms are an essential part of your home. Bathrooms have to serve some very basic functions, but that doesn't mean they have to be basic. We can create bathrooms that not only function well, but are enjoyable. Maybe you want a glamorous powder bath with some stylish storage built-in. Maybe you want your master bath to feel like a high-end hotel, so your time in there is more spa-like.   The photos below are just a sampling of some of the bathroom [...]

laundry room custom cabinetry

Dreamy Laundry Rooms with Custom Cabinetry

Doing the laundry is one of those necessary evils that few people enjoy. Having an area to do that laundry that is pleasant can go a long way to making it feel less like a chore. If you grew up with a washer and dryer that were tucked in the corner of a dimly lit basement, today’s laundry rooms are a drastic improvement. And yes, some are even dreamy.  We can help build a dreamy laundry room custom cabinetry! Over [...]

Summer Fun Ideas

  If your family is anything like ours, you’re likely always trying to make the most of our fleeting summer months and have some summer fun outside! We are always on the lookout for things to do outside and new places to explore. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a hike from our house, so we are not regulars. However, this summer they have a special exhibit called Nature Connects. It features thirteen sculptures constructed almost entirely out of Legos. Since [...]

Kitchen Cabinets and Backsplashes

What’s Your Flavor? Of course we are a custom woodworking company and we love designing and building anything wood, but kitchens are a favorite. The kitchen truly is the heart of a home and creating high functioning, beautiful kitchen cabinets is a real treat. We have seen a lot of lovely kitchens over the years (and some pretty awful “before” kitchens too). Since wood is our area of expertise, we can gladly assist in the selection of species, stain color, and [...]

Grilling Hacks

Grilling season has official begun. The internet is loaded with more recipes than one could ever hope to try. Pinterest is the perfect place to find some grilling inspiration…and waste a couple of hours. We love to grill and don’t let the snow or the mosquitos keep us from cooking outdoors. One of my least favorite household chores is cleaning the grill. I use the nifty ammonia in garbage bag method, which does work, but still it is a [...]

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is quite popular these days. The trend of repurposing items is a great way to go green and add character to your home at the same time. During the recent Parade of Homes the Dream Home in Stillwater was a prime example. This home showcased reclaimed wood in several places. The kitchen’s large center island was covered with reclaimed wood, but reclaimed wood was found in several other places as well. The kitchen’s cabinetry was white with the exception [...]

Happy Bees!

Plants for Pollinators It is finally getting to be the time of year when Minnesotans head out outside. For some that means working in the garden, some it means planting or buying flower plants to enjoy during the warmer months. Most of us it seems, make some connection with growing things over the summer. If we don’t personally partake in growing fruits and veggies we likely visit a farmers market or get a tomato or two from a neighbor. It is [...]

She sheds?

A Space to Call Her Own We have all heard the term man cave. There are television shows about them. There are neon signs for them. The need for a man cave came about when the den became the family room and the man of the house needed a workshop…or a place to escape. Which for many men has always been the garage. The décor of a home has commonly been dictated by the woman of the house, so some (likely [...]