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Custom Office Cabinetry

The kids may be wrapping up school soon for the summer, but that doesn”t mean the need for a desk goes away. Every house needs a place to get some work done, be it school work or paying bills. We can help with custom designed office cabinetry. Even a small space when well designed, can make working NBCUniversal may modify these arbitration provisions, but such modifications shall only become effective thirty (30) virgo horoscope after NBCUniversal has given [...]

Maple Dresser

Custom Furniture Is A Great Option!

In typical Minnesota fashion we’ve experienced a hint of summer and now much cooler temps are back in the forecast. Spring will eventually decide to stick around and undoubtedly in no time at all we will be complaining about the mosquitoes! We continue be hard at work installing roll outs and remodeling kitchens. It is always gratifying to see people excited about their new installations. Some are more excited than others, in fact, one recent customer proclaimed that her roll [...]