Custom Furniture Is A Great Option!

Maple Dresser

Custom Furniture Is A Great Option!

elwood dresser

In typical Minnesota fashion we’ve experienced a hint of summer and now much cooler temps are back in the forecast. Spring will eventually decide to stick around and undoubtedly in no time at all we will be complaining about the mosquitoes!
We continue be hard at work installing roll outs and remodeling kitchens. It is always gratifying to see people excited about their new installations. Some are more excited than others, in fact, one recent customer proclaimed that her roll out changed her life!

In addition to cabinets and roll outs,we also create custom furniture. Sometimes you may have something in mind, but are unable to find it in the stores. Other times you may like the look of what you see in furniture stores, but be disappointed with the quality of construction.
There is no point in settling for a piece that won’t look, function, or last the way you want it to. Having a piece of furniture custom made for you and your space ensures that both form and function will be perfect.
Above is an example of a dresser, but we also build benches, entertainment centers, tables, and anything else you can dream up.

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