Dreamy Laundry Rooms with Custom Cabinetry

laundry room custom cabinetry

Dreamy Laundry Rooms with Custom Cabinetry

Doing the laundry is one of those necessary evils that few people enjoy. Having an area to do that laundry that is pleasant can go a long way to making it feel less like a chore. If you grew up with a washer and dryer that were tucked in the corner of a dimly lit basement, today’s laundry rooms are a drastic improvement. And yes, some are even dreamy.  We can help build a dreamy laundry room custom cabinetry!

Over the last few years laundry rooms have moved up on the priority list and gotten significantly more attention. Form and function come together to make a space that can be downright lovely. The home design site Houzz recently shared the ten most popular laundry rooms on their website.

The rooms are a variety of sizes and styles, but there are a few common elements. The clean look of white cabinetry is a popular choice. However, the laundry room’s small size also provides an opportunity to go with a bold pop of color that you may stay away from in a larger, more public space. Another common thread is combining the laundry room with the mudroom. It makes sense to combine these rooms and if space allows, this can make for a highly organized and functional room.

Laundry rooms are not left out of the farmhouse trend. The size again lends itself to adding fun touches that may be out of reach in larger spaces. Rustic touches of barn wood or other repurposed items can add character.

The general idea is to take this once forgotten space and give it some personality. You may never look forward to sorting and folding, but you can certainly make it more enjoyable. Check out the photos of the ten laundry rooms that are most saved by Houzz visitors.

Of course we pay extra close attention to the cabinetry. Custom cabinetry adds function to any space and can also serve to maximize limited space. Cabinets are no good if they aren’t tall enough to fit your favorite brand of laundry soap. We can create a space that meets your needs.

If you are someone who loves delicate clothes that need to be hand washed and laid out to dry we can incorporate drying racks or hanging bars. If your family has a crazy schedule adding a calendar spot in the mudroom can help make sure you’re grabbing what you need as you leave the house. A mudroom can also be put to work managing sports gear.

Laundry rooms and mudrooms are some of the hardest working areas in most homes. They are all too often neglected. That lack of attention leads to them being unorganized and underperforming spaces. If you have a laundry room or mudroom that could use some love, start by browsing the Houzz top ten list, make note of the features that stand out to you. It may also be helpful to make a wish list – a list of what you wish these spaces could do. Then consider ways to have some fun with the space through finishes that aren’t just utilitarian, but stylish.

We look forward to seeing your wish list and helping to put together a dreamy space.

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