Custom Roll Out Shelves Maximize Your Existing Space!

Custom Roll Out Shelves Maximize Your Existing Space!

Custom roll outs maximize your existing space and make that space more accessible. We all want to love our home, and being organized certainly helps us feel better about our spaces.  We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable experience and believe in transforming lives by transforming spaces.

Where to use roll outs?
Everywhere! Your immediate thought may be kitchen and you are right, roll outs are a wonderful way to make your kitchen function better. However, our custom roll outs make just about any space work better than it did without roll outs.  Each roll out can be further customized with inserts to organize spices, manage cans, contain small items, hold trays, etc.

Here are some ideas:

under sink roll outs

Custom roll out shelves for under your sink can be made to fit around plumbing to give you the most usable space.


Roll Out Lid Storage

Lid Storage


spice storage

Upper Cabinet Spice Storage




The process is painless. We come to your home to discuss your needs and measure the shelves you wish to convert to roll outs. Then we custom build roll outs to your needs and dimensions. We construct top quality roll outs with solid maple dovetail drawer boxes that glide on full extension slides that are capable of holding 100 pounds. Once completed we arrange a time to come back and install the roll outs. Installation usually only takes an hour or two with no con-struction on-site. This means less mess in your home! We also have standard pricing, $170 per roll out no matter what the size and $35 per insert.  Straightforward and clear pricing is what we strive for.

While we don’t recommend it, we wanted to show you what 100 pounds really looks like!  They really can hold a lot!



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