Six Pre Winter Cleaning Chores

Six Pre Winter Cleaning Chores


Six Pre-Winter Chores


Spring cleaning gets a lot of attention, but I am far more motivated to do a deep autumn cleaning. Knowing that we are about to spend a lot of time in our home encourages me to make it the best it can be. There are countless things one can do around the house, the list never ends…but here are a few suggestions for things to get done before the snow flies and the temperature dips.

Clean the exterior of your windows. There is a long stretch ahead of looking out those windows and you’ll be happy to have a clear view. The forecast looks promising for some good days yet to get it done. Start with the windows you look out the most, so if you run out of time, light, or energy the important ones will be done.

Have your furnace, chimney, and flues inspected. Clean the glass door of your fireplace. If you have a gas fireplace, vacuum the inside of the firebox and the logs. Birds like to build nests atop of the outside vent, so check that area prior to using the fireplace. Now is also the time to clean or replace furnace filters.

gutter cleaning

Once the leaves are down, it is a good time to clean the gutters one last time prior to spring. The composting leaves and debris will be a gross mess in the spring and the added weight is hard on the gutters, so get it done now.

If you like to grill year-round, your grill may be nasty by this point in the season. Take the time to clean it now and it will work well over the winter. And who wants to clean it in January?

kitchen cleaning

You will likely be doing more indoor cooking over the months ahead, so the kitchen deserves more than a quick once over. Pull out the fridge and vacuum under it and the coils on the back. It may surprise you how many dust bunnies live under there. You may also find Barbie shoes and Matchbox cars – bonus! Clean your oven, so it is ready to bake those holiday meals and treats.



Next time you’re at the store stock up on big stuff – water softener salt, paper towels, toilet paper, laundry soap – the stuff that fills the cart and makes pushing it over a snow covered parking lot feel like a major chore.


Daylight savings is also a good time to replace the batteries in smoke detectors and flip mattresses!


Tackle this short list and you will be in good shape for the months ahead!





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