It’s Cold Outside, Get It Delivered!

It’s Cold Outside, Get It Delivered!

January is traditionally the month when most people at least give some thought to getting more organized. It is also the time of year when many of us make some plans for how we will spend our time and money in the year ahead. I recently learned of a cool service that Target offers that can save you time, money, and aggravation. Another reason to love Target.

Target offer a subscription service that allows you to shop thousands of commonly used items, order them online, and have them delivered to your home on a schedule that you choose. At first that might not sound like a big deal, you can always shop online and have stuff delivered, but this is better. Take a few minutes to think about how often you shop of some of the essentials – you know some of the big heavy stuff that crowds and cart and makes it hard to push through the snow covered lot. Toilet paper, dog food, laundry soap – those things and much more.

If you are a mom with a little one,  think how nice it would be to have diapers and wipes delivered automatically to your door. If you or someone you love has a hard time getting around, this service can be a real convenience and give some piece of mind. It is an easy way to get your new toothbrushes and keep vitamins in stock. Whatever your reason, it is worth considering.

When you sign up for the subscription you select the products you want and how often you want them to come – could be monthly or just twice a year. Convenient right? It gets better, you get 5% off each order and delivery is free. You can save an additional 5% if you use a Target REDcard. If you change your mind or got the wrong item you can return it with free shipping or return it to a store.  You can change your subscription order or cancel it with no fee.

Are you still going to head to Target? Of course you are and you’re probably going to go in for three things and spend $100 and an hour of your time. That’s Target, but this service can make life a little easier.

The one category not available with the subscription is grocery. For that you may want to look at Coburn’s Delivers . I know countless moms who find a trip to the grocery store with the kiddos among the most stressful times of the week, so why not eliminate it? Would that not be so worth the $5 delivery fee? Yep, so worth it.

Coburn’s offers a full grocery store at your fingertips. Place your order by 11 P.M. and you can have it delivered the next day. One of my favorite features is the ability to create a shopping list for future use. For instance, I typically purchase the same items over and over again so those items go on my list. I can pull up that list the next time I order and easily edit it. Saving the time of selecting repeat items. I also find it convenient to use coupons from the paper or online.

The prices and quality are comparable to other grocery stores. For next day orders over $50 the delivery fee is $5. You can get same day or place smaller orders for a larger fee. You can also select a time of day that works best for delivery, but you don’t have to be home when the items are delivered.

Two services that may just make your new year a bit more organized and less stressful!

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