Custom Cabinetry For Entryways and Mudrooms

Custom Cabinetry For Entryways and Mudrooms

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In typical Minnesota fashion the calendar says summer is coming to a close and it is sweltering!  Hopefully you have made it to the fair to enjoy our new food picks from last month. We have yet to make it out there, but the cheese curds are calling…
This time of year brings a return to routine for many of us. That routine can also lead to clutter, so we are featuring a project we did that may give you some ideas of how you can better organize your daily routine.

If getting in and out of your house is a bit like navigating an obstacle course, you may want to consider having us design custom storage solutions for you. In the project featured above, the owners needed a place for the usual entryway clutter of jackets, backpacks, shoes, and purses. The solution provides a clean look and ample storage. Each member of the family has their own designated space with additional storage for jackets and a bench to sit on.
We can custom create a solution that works for your family whether you need room for shoulder pads or dog dishes.

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