Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes

Tiny Home from Country Living

Tiny Home from Country Living

We spent part of last week displaying at the Lake Home and Cabin Show. It is hard to be around all the woodsy goodness and not want a little piece for ourselves. It seems like just about everyone either has a get-away place or wishes they did.

We all want a place to call our own. A special place where we can escape the day to day grind and recharge. But that little slice of heaven can be expensive. Perhaps that is part of the growing popularity of tiny houses. The tiny house movement has been growing over the last ten years. Cutting down expenses is part of the appeal, but a simplified lifestyle also plays a role.

A tiny house typically has less than 300 square feet. The average American home, according to the Census Bureau is 2,400 square feet. Image that for a moment. Think of how much stuff you would have to get rid of to live in a tiny house.

There are several reasons for the trend. Cost is one factor.  The cost of such a home is considerably less and in some cases allows people the freedom to live without a mortgage payment. Ironically, you’d have more money for stuff and nowhere to put it.

That lack of stuff is another appeal. A simpler life, devoid of clutter and unnecessary things. Encouraging you to be more active, spend more time outside, and enjoy a calmer lifestyle. This smaller footprint is also a greener way to live.

Closeness is another reason. Not everyone buying a tiny home is single. There are families opting to downsize. While I can’t imagine remaining sane in a tiny home with a couple of tiny children or cranky teens, there are those who say the closeness encourages more quality time that Optimised SSD and HDD drives for fastest transactional free data recovery software access and response times. bonds their family together.

Living full time in a tiny home isn’t right for everyone, but I think it appeals to a lot of people for a second home.  Not to say the some of the photos of lake homes we saw at the Lake Home and Cabin Show weren’t amazing, but something tiny seems appealing as well.

Tiny homes come in many forms. Some are mobile – like park model units, some float, some are concrete, some are made of mostly reclaimed materials, and some are high end. One of the best parts of looking at tiny homes is it seems that the people who build and buy them tend to be creative. As if, because it is tiny it comes with fewer limitations. Click here to check out a collection of some really special ones.


One of the homes shown is tiny home pioneer, Dee Williams. Williams opted to downsize after a life changing, near death experience. She downsized to a mere 84 square feet. While I can’t imagine that being a good fit for me, I do understand some of the appeal a tiny home can hold. For now at least, I will think of a tiny home as a good second home option and stick to being average the majority of time.

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