Why install pull out shelves?

Why install pull out shelves?

What are the benefits of installing pull out shelves in your existing cabinetry?

Roll Out Shelves Add Value to Your Cabinetry

Pull Out Pantry

Pull Out Pantry

Roll Out shelves are a great way to add value. Not only do they help organize and de-clutter your space, but they add accessibility and storage space. Many times we can add in extra levels of storage from what you currently have. Our shelves fully extend outside the cabinet allowing us to space the shelves closer together since there is no need to leave clearance space for items. They are also a great selling feature. We have many customers who put them in one home and when they move, can’t wait to add them to their new space.

Roll Out Shelves Add Accessibility

You have easy access to 100% of your cabinet space. No more bending down or crawling around on the floor to find the item you are looking for. We also have upper cabinet solutions to make those high spaces more accessible.

K Cup Organizer Roll Out Shelf

K Cup Organizer Roll Out Shelf

Superior Construction

We use solid maple dovetail drawer box construction and full extension 100 pound capacity drawer slides. Solid wood and dovetail joints make for a more sturdy and durable product. Our full extension slides allow you to access the items at the back of the drawer easily. Each shelf can hold 100 pounds. That’s a lot of canned goods!

Custom Built for Your Cabinet

We don’t have any standard sizes or designs. Each shelf is built to your space. The interior of the box can be customized with dividers, knife blocks, and can managers, just to name a few. Our shelves are also height adjustable. If you need to move them up or down, it’s a matter of removing a couple of screws and it takes only a minute.
knife block roll out

Professionally Measured and Installed

We come to your home and do a design consultation to start with. We will help you figure out the best place to put roll outs and how to customize them to meet your needs. Then we build them to your specifications and install them in your existing cabinets.

Standard Pricing

All of our roll outs are $170 each, no matter what size. That price includes the initial consultation, measure, build, and installation. If you want to add dividers to the drawer , knife blocks, etc, there is an additional $25 charge.
Lid Storage Roll Out

We’d love to meet with you and see how we can help your maximize your space!

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